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I like how most weblogs and some blogs let people add comments. I get very disappointed when a weblog doesn't allow people to add their opinion. What are they scared of? I suspect that they dont want any old internet user to deface what they have created. - ABliss

On the note of weblogs themselves, security is a necessary thing for many people to have over their own spaces. Being forced to put forth effort to clean up graffiti is a horrible stress for a lot of people.. the same way spam can be. -- rack
I really hope the spam on weblogs doesn't take hold, but I expect it will. I feel that if something is worth writing or blogging about, that at the very least people should provide a way of gaining feedback and aren't comments the best the way? Weblogs without comments are similar to speeches, or like teachers that avoid questioning, as in "I'm telling you." - ABliss
I very much agree. Webfork

Does anyone think a wikiblog entry should be made? - ABliss

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