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Collaborative and distributed thinking

I like the sound of that.

The followup to the quote in Collaborative Writing goes something like "I wonder what would happen if you pooled a thousand geniuses for even one year. I wonder with wide eyes, because I can hardly grasp what would become of us."

There's a lot of people in the world. I mean a LOT (ramble on as per the H2G2), therein HAS to lie at least a thousand genius-types (or intelligent life is kindof doomed).

I'm not talking about pooling true geniuses.. those guys don't get along with anyone, including their own mother. Leave them alone.. throw some resources at them like you're feeding a hungry bear and let them play like children, doing things you and I can't comprehend.

Pool a bunch of intelligent and yet sociable minds.. the kinds that like discource over sophism.. the kinds of people who can support, collaborate and congratulate oneanother instead of being blinded by undeserved fame. People who care about goals over hurdles. Get a bunch of these one's in a structured, and yet not too structured pool, and watch them churn out essays that make poets, politicians and philosophers weep.

-- rack

(dated chatter removed)

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