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  • escrambler | GNU Page - 'EScrambler' converts the HTML code for your email links into scrambled JavaScript code that robots cannot read by breaking your HTML code into pieces and assigning each piece to a variable. However, EScrambler does not stop search engine robots from indexing your site. It only hides your email addresses from robots. However, it is only usable by browsers that support Javascript.
This really needs to go also under the heading of Cryptography/Javascript or something like that. Javascript is a great way to add a minor amount of protection to your Web work. The idea is, as a Web developer, you have a customer with whom you mistype their phone number (or something equally important). If they never pay you, they have a beautiful but useless Web site. Webfork

I suppose the concept of the opt-out list also needs to be mentioned somewhere in here. In some places the opt-out list is a legal requirement for mass mailing. -- rack

Why does spam bother people? Spam doesn't annoy me and I dont obscure my email addresses. I just press delete and its gone. Maybe I dont get enough spam to understand the problem. - ABliss

I would say, not to be dramatic, but you dont get enough spam to understand the problem. I have had to abandon an email address I had for two years simply because I was getting 20-50 pieces of spam EVERY SINGLE DAY. At some point, hitting delete just isn't an option. Webfork

Here's some other reasons why spam is such a problem:

  1. Spammers use up an enormous amount of Internet bandwidth for their own ends. They have a parasitic effect on the Internet by taking for financial gain.
  2. Spam, because it is such a universally disliked method of marketing, must often go underground and cannot be sent out by a reputable company. By this rationale, most spam are online scams. Spammers would argue this is a chicken-before-the-egg situation where if they weren't attacked, they wouldn't need to be disreputable but this is sort of like the murderer claiming he wouldn't have to have killed so many to cover up his crime if the police hadn't aggressively followed him.
  3. I have never received a peice of mail from a spammer I actually wanted. Even many opt-in e-mail messages from topics I tend to approve of are woefully useless.
  4. Anyone who publishes their e-mail address is often bombarded with graphic e-mail which usually includes pornographic materials, which is absolutely the opposite of how most parents want to introduce their children to the Internet.
  5. Sneaky subject headings like "re: your account" and spoofing important sources such as PayPal.


If it is a company with a non-Internet portal (like a phone number) call them and tell them.

The company phone number and tell them they're sending spam. I thought that was sort of implied. - Webfork