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This p2p network search site allows users to verify what they download from the the EDonkey2000 network before starting the transfer. This assists those on narrowband, capped accounts and other bandwidth restricted internet connections to get the files that they want with less noise, duplications or unwanted files. A system of file hashing is used to track files. has recently got a sister site Website: Aparently the only difference is that is trying to filter out adult files. There are also a number of new features became available recently such as ability of users to post additional information about any files in huge filedonkey database which counts more than 4 million unique files. Also many files have references to other p2p websites which list them. Overall, considering simple design, high speed, and limited advertising and appear to be very high quality websites delivering unique service to p2p users.

It also worth mentioning linking to new web directory which allows surfers to browse extencive content database accumulated and by clicking on related "search: p2p" link jump to relevant search on