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Ask, formerly Ask Jeeves, with search technology from Teoma.

US market share: 3%-5% (citation needed)

Some points of interest:

  • In 2007, they announced the AskEraser, a "tool" or option, that lets users opt-out of search queries tracking. This makes them heads taller in the privacy department than the bigger search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN, and also better than most small players. If this option is not set, search queries are promised to be erased after 18 months. Again, this competes well, because the other major search engines now "anonymize" the queries after 13-24 months, like modifying/erasing the IP-s and cookie id-s but not the search query.
  • Highly rated by Fravia for search result relevancy.
  • Offers cached pages and google-style queries like "8+19", "time in germany", "100 eur in usd", unlike most other search engines.