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Should link to discussion of legality considerations, should discuss bandwidth capping somewhere, as well as limiting the downloads of other users, should link to concepts of leeching etc (see file sharing, should possibly also bring up pros and cons for some file sharing networks somewhere, should discuss the value of being up 24/7 when possible, false-banning (permanently self-"banning" people with 0 shared when this isn't true or permanent), discuss why banning isn't useful in all cases (when not downloading anything else, who cares if they download?), possibly more stuff.. -- rack

Lots of duplication of effort appear apparent between this and File Sharing, especially all those hard-coded links. When I get some free time to explore different file sharing networks again I'll do some cleanup, otherwise I post this here for an interested party. -- rack

I only just noticed its not possible for the Using_File_Sharing_Networks/Naming_Conventions to have its own /Talk page so it linked to Using_File_Sharing_Networks/Talk. I think I corrected my mistake. - ABliss