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Digital Currency Exchange Providers (often called exchange agents) provide the service of exchanging national currency (like USD, NZD, INR, MYR, SGD, CAD, etc) into the digital gold currency (DGC) of your choice (like e-gold, Pecunix, 1MDC).


In most countries exchange agents are not regulated or licensed and so care is required on the part of the purchaser and it is therefore recommended to use only established, good reputation businesses. Self regulation is provided by the Global Digital Currency Association (GDCA) which uses a rating and awards system to provide the prospective purchaser with an indication of good business practices of the particular company.

Payment Options

Exchange agents offer different banking options in many different countries for their clients to use, many offer local cash deposit, online bank transfer, bank wire and some even credit cards (and other high risk payment options).

Fees for the purchase of e-gold and other digital currencies are around 4% with a minimum fee of US$5 - carefully check individual websites for their fee structure.

Most exchange agents accept multiple national currencies (usually depending on where their bank accounts are located).

List of Exchange Agents

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Directories Listing Exchange Agents


A tip with e-gold is to use two email addresses in your account profile, like this;, (that is “emailone comma space emailtwo″). Using this tip means both emails will be notified upon login or account profile changes (when e-gold's security features AccSent turned on).