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Civil Liberties

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Civil liberties deals with the ethics, culture and liberal ideals related to laws and natural rights, freedom and human free will. Civil liberties is about free expression of opinion, freedom of the press, the right to assemble and associate with whomever, the right to privacy of postal and other communications. Civil libiterians are concerned with the right to engage in religious activities, being held in detention without charge, protection against unlawful searches and seizures and the individual right to own land and property.

Some people include abortion, alcohol and drug prohibition, gun rights, fair use and intellectual property as civil liberties issues.

These liberties are usually associated with a fair representative, democratic government or the fight against regulation that has gone too far. Organisations dedicated to fighting for civil liberties include;

We need civil liberties to protect individuals against the cheaters and abusers who have no right to infringe on others. We need them to fight echelon, imperialism pool, undue surveillance, oppression, discrimination, terrorism, tyranny and other forms of extremism.

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