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Anonymous E-Mail

From iA wiki

As e-mail is one of the most ubiquious tools available on the Internet, it makes sense that any anonymous communication would take place through e-mail.

Cautions about Anonymous E-mail

1. Not a reliable method to contact your recipient. Some mail servers block anonymous connections and sometimes the service is not available or does not function. You may wish to ask the person to leave notice in a public place that they received it.

2. Should never be relied upon to be absolutely anonymous. A dedicated source (such as a government or major company) could likely track down anonymous e-mail. Most anonymous resources will cave under legal pressure as well.

    • Don't do anything illegal - if something is even potentially illegal, use cryptography to avoid hurting companies that provide anonymous resources.
    • Don't send threats or veiled threats - many anonymous resources are very eager to help law enforcement track you down as you'll be screwing it up for the rest of us.

3. Spam is is not sendable via anonymous resources as anonymous e-mail does not allow for bulk e-mail distribution. It is possible, however, to forge e-mail headers