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Expanding one's search to find related materials is time consuming, but having a few favorite items and being able to track down more material from their parent genre is extraordinarily rewarding.

First and foremost, think broadly. Think in terms of finding relationships between what you like and what that stuff would interact with.

On Music

Start by gathering more information on the song.

  • Who performs it?
  • Who wrote it?
  • Has this group ever participated in a cover album?
  • Have other artist's performed covers of this song? Broaden your search by looking for just parts of the song name, or include keywords like "cover".
  • Has it been performed live? Add in a keyword to the song name like "live"
  • Focus on one part of the song which you like. Do you like the singing in particular? Find the name of the lead singer. See if they have been in any other bands, see if they have been featured in any other songs.
  • Visit the artist's website
  • Visit the artist's record label