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I have the ebook for "The Shockwaverider" that I can give to people. I am a little paranoid about identifying myself though, so I am not sure how I would get it to people. I checked KaZaA and it is not available there.

The only two things I can think of:

  • request it in alt.binaries.e-book(s).
  • dig around on irc on channels such as #bw, #bookz, #bookwarez.

I guess I could use a web based email service (one that doesn't include your IP in the headers - MS/hotmail anyone?), but all the ones I could find are big and clunky. I prefer minimal features and clean interface. My previous address died when the company disappeared off the face of the net. Any suggestions for web email that suits my needs? Thanks.

What does some book you're looking for or Web mail have ANYTHING to do with Worms? If someone else agrees with me, please delete this question I've written as well as the above passage. Webfork

I think I literally saw my first worm, on my desktop, in 1998. A little worm graphic with big eyes zigged across the screen just once and then disappeared. If I looked it up, I might find it in a worm and virus archive. I'm sure such an archive is around, it would be handy to link here too. - ABliss

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