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Winny's anonymity

Winny provides distributed bulliten boards and anonymised file transfers. Files are relayed through other users instead of being transfered directly from the node storing the file to the node downloading the file.

Any source on this? Also I'd like some more details about the anonymity provided.

  • Can you find out who's hosting a certain file?
  • Can you find out who is downloading a file you are hosting?
  • Can you find out who is searching for something or what someone is searching for?
  • If yes, is there a FreeNet-like deniability, where a requester might not be the initiator?
  • The fact that the police said they could download a file from a node (by blocking access to other nodes through a firewall) suggests that it isn't very anonymous at all. However, if files indeed are relayed, as claimed, then that might be possible without him being the one actually hosting it. But if so, on what grounds did the police arrest the user? Or has the protocol changed? 08:39, 17 Apr 2005 (GMT) Replying...

The people that got arrested in Japan was tracked because of a Vulnerability in the BBS System in which the author of the Thread was anonymous but the people replying it wasn't.