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Should probably hunt down that wikipedia article stuff was adapted from.. things are looking more and more different from that original cut and paste, so perhaps that notice can be removed altogether. -- rack

In short, a wiki is sortof like a public blog.

Er... how, exactly? A blog is basically a website that adds dated entries to a front page and archives entries that fall off. Kuro5hin is a good example of a public or community blog. While a wiki can be used as a blog, I don't see much similarity be between wikis and blogs in general. -- nw
A blog allows the owner to add to a page as ideas come to them. A wiki similarly allows a reader to browse through various topics and add to those spur-of-the-moment. They both have a similar zuihitsu-esque mindset. -- rack

The best feature of a wiki is that people can contribute with unfinished or incomplete work. This is good for brainstorming ideas and sharing as your learn. What other publishing or writing method allows this? - ABliss