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The father of vomputer virii is Fred Cohen - Definitely needs more explanation, perhaps a topic on it's own. -- Sy

It is very debateable as to whether "virii" is really the plural of virus. Certainly in biology "viruses" is correct. "Virii" appears to be one of those 1337er-than-thou geek things. Just $0.02 -- Amw

Vomputer virii? Must have been a virus... i agree, though i wouldn't say "geek things". Writers can be geeks too. Geek != person using foul language.
According to my English dictionary "virus" is sp and the "viruses" is mp. Also, in Latin, there is no such mp form ending with "ii" which makes the term "virii" even more Stupid. I'm not aware of a language where "virii" is a correct term either.
Regarding viruses, worms, and horses (what an animal planet) i added a link to Trojan Horse and Worm on the bottom solely but perhaps the differences should be pointed out in a more OBVIOUS way.

Sometimes the media use the word virus and worm interchangeably. MSNBC think worms are from people with too little time on their hands, not from bad programming. - ABliss

A lot of people who write viruses consider themselves artists or basic pranksters. Here's one example where that's just not the case. Webfork

I don't feel like organizing this:

Yahoo! Web E-Mail has automatic anti-virus checking. Any files that someone wants you to run on your computer, have them send it to that address first.

I haven't had an anti-virus scanner in almost a year now. I just don't run files I'm not sure about.

To protect against worms and spyware:

Stop using Internet Explorer and Outlook. Except when you point IE to which you should do every week or two. IE is the cause of so many computer problems, its ridiculous.

Get zonealarm from

Spybot Search and Destroy also has a registry monitor to make sure that nothing you run starts changes in your registry.


Do: This page needs to be tidied up. In particular I can't figure out proper code blocks. They appear to be broken in mediawiki. Whee. -- Sy 14:24, 20 Nov 2004 (GMT)

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