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Why do people place a couple of words on a new topic without adding any substance? It makes me think there is some more content added when there isn't. This just serves to annoy me, and presumably others. If it had been left blank then I can tell immediately from the colour of the link that some work needs doing there. Adding a couple of meaningless words hurts this process. Well, IMHO it does. -- nw

There are some pages which may just have a couple of links which were created as placeholders with full intention of being fleshed out sometime in the future. Why graffiti finds itself up here is for psychologists to argue over. -- rack
If you're looking through the recent changes list, then change your settings to ignore minor changes. -- rack


There is another network that has been brought to my attention called silc which implements a concept like IRC but uses encryption throughout the network making it (maybe) more secure than IRC + SSL or other hybrid solutions. It is worth a look. I will flesh out the page when I get to it. -- C-Keen

Hey, is there anyone who would have some linkage or would be willing to do a writeup discussing the significance, relevance, usefulness or popularity of IRC? There are people out there who, when facing a "Using IRC" topic, would ask "why bother?" -- rack

"Uncensored: While channels have channel operators who monitor in-channel activity, all other chat is uncensored."

Corrupt opers?

On IRCnet, a lot countries cannot connect. Mostly "3rd world" countries. Then, they can use Stealth, but Stealth is not highly stable and is very restrictive. -- dpi