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In my own personal experience, I have found The Circle to be an innovative, well-performing distributed file storage application. --Brad Neuberg, 8/4/2002

Ok, so I'm checking it out again.. I think I gave up last time because of dependancy blues, however this time I'm more resolved.

Compiling The Circle 0.35 on Slackware 8.1:

  • from source, nothing fancy:
  • pkgconfig-0.15.0
  • glib-2.2.2
  • pango-1.0.5
  • atk-1.0.3
  • gtk+-2.2.2
  • pygtk-1.99.17
  • Python-2.3

Had some troubles because python didn't realise pygtk was there, so I uninstalled the slackware package and installed python from source. Works.

Oh, I can't use it because I'm behind a firewall. Welp, maybe later when I make firewall revisions I'll look into this again.

-- Sy

I just tried it and it works fine, but there are only few peers registered resp. online. How many people use it approximately? - FloK

When I tried it in late 2003 in had aproximatly five users. It lacks too many features to become popular in it current state, no multisourcing, no anti-leech features. IIRC it used about 1KB/sec while doing nothing so I have doubts about it's scaleability. Could be good with a lot of work. Would be a good basis for someone who wants to work on connection splicing to allow direct transfers between firewalled users.