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How long can slashdot go on with taking ads? That's what made me interested in this sight, it's not just talking the gift economy, but doing it. It's interesting especially when they have Microsoft ads (in the glaring huge box in the text of the story). - ?

Remember Slashdot is owned by VA Linux, much like Sourceforge and Freshmeat. At the end of the day it is governed by the stock-holders, not CmdrTaco / Rob Malda. -- Amw
I read somewhere that VA Linux held a contract to say that they had no influence over the editorial capacity of Rob and Cmdr but those are just words. After watching how GE, Viacom, Disney, and especially Faux News behave, I don't have any faith in "unbiased reporting." And - if nothing else - they have a nerd bias. Webfork

That "Quit Slashdot Today" link is quite good. Some excellent points. Webfork

Yeah i agree, glad you liked it. There's some aspects left unnoticed; i'm considering to e-mail the author about it though i'm not really able to grok it up (i was when i was reading the article). Do you feel the same about it? Maybe we can construct something together. Also, regarding the alternatives, i'm searching for Slashdot alternatives. Regarding those alternatives (some are mentioned on the link) i have some (biased) observations:
* K5 has too much noise these days IMO, and its not much tech-related (but i'm not searching only tech-related alternatives).
* ArsTechnica is quite good, but i'm not interested in Windows. I don't wanna read about it as i'm trying to ignore it (and i don't want to read about Windows on some open-source or Linux website either. If i want to learn about Windows there's enough resources on that already).
* Newsforge is mostly too straightforward/easy (pardon my french: for noobs), also from VA Linux, also editor pricks, and Linux advocacy / Anti-Windows BS (but the author includes it as alternative).
* OSnews is the playground of some clueless, trolling moron (again, pardon my french).
* Advogato is pretty good IMO, but its more about future development although its quite in depth and has original content.
* Groklaw is basically anti-SCO zealotry & censorship (rude stuff) which gets quite old after some while (also searching for alternatives which _do_ try to cover the legal Linux news at least _less_ biased) and i'm also searching for an _independent_ GNOME-related newssite.
I know some comments above ain't very friendly and some aren't very constructive (sorry) and nothing is perfect. Not even opinions! :) any addons or different opinions (especially constructive ones, better than i did :) are highly appreciated. -- dpi
I actually haven't found many useful alternatives either. Perhaps to an extent I am also part of the problem as I really enjoy hating on Microsoft. Its Yin and Yang; I exist because there is an opposite; my enemy defines me.
The really good writing, careful reporting, and lack of stupid demagoguery, is something that I've only really found in the New York Times or the BBC. Good writing, research, and journalism are difficult and I don't know that, if it existed, that it would be as popular. I wonder if people enjoy Yellow Journalism, to an extent. I will keep my eyes open, however. Either /. must reform itself or I've got to find something else. Webfork

I very disappointed in Timothy's posting of the Intel predicts death of WWW nonsense, linking to a pathetic article. I don't read ./ every week, let alone every day, but do these forgetable entries appear often? How did this happen? Let me guess...I imagine by now the payoffs would be coming quite much would a few extra gifts cost?...very little compared to the rewards of drm-locked-down mainstream computer platform for future internet distribution of copyright content, I'm sure. I think this comment gets to the point. Timothy...don't let that crap through, again. I'm wondering about 2 other things. Was it Timothy who thought the politics section should have an American flag in its graphics and how long do the /. editors think their double standards and flakey biases regarding intellectual property begin to breed distrust amongst readers? - ABliss

I suspect that the editors put this sort of story on the fornt page because they generate a lot of advert impressions as people are irritated and post messages disagreeing with the story. I mostly read alterslash instead of slashdot these days. ziv

Here's one i just have to share: Nonsense demo: Slashdot. Pretty descriptive for a lot tech sites... more demos of Nonsense.

Somehow i get 5 mod points every 5 days or something. The only thing i do is visitting the frontpage every evening, and checking out an article or 2. This while i was much more a few months ago. Weird. I don't have much time for this stuff but i'd like to promote some activism, 'infoanarchy-related' or informative posts in general such as posts related to the FBI-raid on Indymedia. But.. i'm not gonna search for these every 5 days or so. If you happen to spot such post, leave it right here after the *beep* and i'll mod it up. Thanks, and no prob. I still do check this Wiki every few days, but i don't have very much time these days. User:dpi