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<i>This topic needs to be cleaned up a bit.. It's an excellent one in a series of control and collaboration-related topics. -- rack</i>

The increasing and successful use of Wikis or modless channels proves this concept to be obsolete IMHO -- C-Keen

Interesting topic. I disagree with moderation being obsolete, because malicious users and guerilla tactics would easily devistate an open system with little repercussion. Perhaps this all remains to be seen, but since previous public fora have been attacked, I feel that there exists every reason to assume a Wiki will be as well. -- rack

The basic definitions of the various terms need to be described in useful detail:

  • Filter
  • Filtering
  • Moderate
  • Moderation
  • whatever...

Dissenting voice

The leading definition, in raising issues of censorship and preference, does raise needlessly tendentious issues. True, a moderator has the power to act arbitrarily and to suppress information. Similarly, a policeman may have the power to intimidate innocent citizens and suppress lawful activity. Surely any office or function can be abused: this should not be seen to tarnish the office, but the office-holder.

In an online community, a moderator may exercise the function of preventing needless upset by temporarily suppressing communications that may cause offence, whether intentionally or not.

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