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(Removed conversation, as it's irrelevant. Guys, just edit the page to remove "opinion" from it. The time spent on complaining could have been directed at collaboration over a solution. <code> =p </code>)

Some working impressions on K5:

  • Comments are always attached to articles, making reading horrible bandwidth-intensive for people who simply want to read the article. I saw no way to change the default from this.
  • The Moderation Queue is interesting, but garbage like Billions and Billions in Servitude can actually find it's way onto the site. I'm actually appauled. I would suppose that this appears due to a combination of reader interest/curiosity and timing.. a posted article doesn't get shot back down until the majority of readers chimes in with an opinion. There are some timing issues with user moderation which exist due to internationalization. ->
  • Articles have a generic title, making it annoying to bookmark them. They should instead have the title of the article. [This is a bug which only affects front-page stories when you're not logged in with an account. Rather bizarre, really. Should be fixed soon. --rusty]

Some other comments would include things like taglines are inappropriate since a user profile page link could exist.. user comments are apparently unmoderated and contain swearing.. but these issues apply to various places I suppose. ->

I'm still looking through the site, there is lots of great interest there. -- rack

Actually, you can disable comments. If you have an account, go to Comment Preference and choose View: No comments. Comments are moderated, using the little dropdowns below them. Ratings are shown like this: x.xx/y, where x is the average rating and y is the number of people who rated the comment. You can sort comments by rating (I usually use: "unrated first, then highest").

K5's quality standards have evolved from the quality of material that's submitted. Also, note that stories are often voted on depending on the discussion potential, or the number of already existing comments.

Note that infoAnarchy (the weblog) uses the same software, so everything said here applies to us as well, with the exception that I usually circumvent the voting process when I post stories. --Erik