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lol, I can't believe that one of our typos got picked up by google and that someone actually found us that way. <nowiki> =) </nowiki>

I read in BitTorrent trackerless page:

"While it is called trackerless, in practice it makes every client a lightweight tracker. A clever protocol, based on a Kademlia distributed hash table or "DHT", allows clients to efficiently store and retrieve contact information for peers in a torrent."

should the bt trackerless protocol be added here? -- Oberon 06:33, 7 Aug 2005 (GMT)

    I think it should. See
  • Original BitTorrent: Beta 4.1.0 now has a Kademlia network for trackerless torrents.
  • eXeem (as of public beta 0.25)

Family Guy Guy 02:57, 15 Aug 2005 (GMT)