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Does anyone know if parts of genetic codes and chemical structures considered IP? - ABliss

AFAIK, yes, although basic structures are not, since they are considered not cutting edge and not really patentable. However, genetic codes that could, say, result in a higher crop yeild are absolutely patentable, which is just another reason IMO to buy organic. Weird genetic tampering combined with moronic attitudes toward patents? No thanks. Webfork

The article is bullshit hand-waving, as is most talk about "I.P."

Write separately about patent, trademark and copyright and use exact economic terms regarding the type of capital they each are (patents are instructions to reproduce inventions, trademarks are reputations, copyrights are creative or experiential works unique to some personal experience or set of same). Until this is sorted out everything said about it will be stupid. Also avoid the vague term "intellectual capital" as it means nothing, and "human capital" as it's a narrow neoclassical term - both terms describe a debate or assumed underlying factor, not a type of genuine economic capital. Use more exact terms like social capital and it makes sense more quickly. Avoid idiocy: avoid lawyers.