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IMCs have since been established on every continent, with more to come.

Sweet. Where's IMC-Antartica? :-)

look at this

How about Indymedia Tokulau:


In Italy it is used nowadays (february 26th 2003) to plan and organize "stop The Train" campaign. We are blocking every single train that transports arms from USA/Nato bases to our ports to ship them on Iraq.

Have a look

Nice actions. Actions against ship/train transports happened in a few other countries, at least: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium. Speaking of, a howto on sabotaging the Deutsche Bahn has been censored in the Netherlands. It was hosted by and linked to the document. Both had to delete it because of court rulings. It can still be found using though (:
Transports NL (post-war):
Indymedia NL censored, in English:
Censorship in full effect:
Anyways, warm hugs to everyone who went demonstrating! -- dpi

Yikes... lots of italics in that entry. Unreadable. Webfork

Changed. Plus a few more info. I still don't like this entry, since it is too centered, while Indymedia is actually a worldwide network, all IMC's acting autonomous, but do have a few things in common.
There has been an Indymedia debate with various IMC people all over the world on N5m. Indymedia itself, as well as faeries and problems have been discussed. I've been told these video's will be put online, though i doubt this to happen, since i haven't seen them at their medialibrary as of more then 1 week later.A summary about the debate has been written in Dutch, which a team has translated. It's currently still in progresss but the final translation will be ready Soon, which is then public domain, and would be a nice addition to the current entry imo.