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One day we will all invade Canada and stop their evil activities. Those lesbian-marriage and pot-legalizing bandits! Oh how they ruin the nationalism of this great nation! Next thing you know, they'll elect Carter and let Celine Dion be in yet another issue of "Redbook," the scum. -- Webfork

PS: I'm seriously quite glad they legalized medical marijuana and gay marriages.

Umm, we've had marijuana legal for medical purposes probably as long as the states has. Gay marriages only happened because Quebec really pushes hard for that sort of thing.. the rest of the country follows along eventually. =) Oh, and about invading Canada.. just keep in mind two things.. we've won every wargame with you, and we're the only country to have ever burned down the whitehouse. =) -- Sy
Pfft... there's wargames with a bunch of Russian tanks out in california - true story - its a training ground where they teach new tank drivers how the Russians do it. More important during the Cold War, of course, but still true. The russians have been beating the crap out of the americans for years because they know the terrain better and have been doing it longer. You winning War games? I don't put a lot in that. We'll invade you and take your ... hmm... something.
And don't go passing shit off on Quebec, now. I don't know WHO THEY ARE or WHAT THEIR ADJENDA IS or really ANYTHING ABOUT THEM or EVEN THEIR GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. But you discount them pretty quick, unlike me. I'd like to hear what those nobody's have to say!
You canadians are all alike. You all make assumptions about all of us americans at once.
Kidding! I'm kidding! Webfork
Canadians have a lot of energy, compared to the US. The government of Canada will at some time in the future have to limit the supply of energy to the US, so it can supply its own people. Look for friction developing as the crunch digs deep. - ABliss

Things to consider - what region and why? One thing I wonder is whether the next and subsequent invasions will take out much US hardware, which is brewing around Hawii

I placed my bet. I think they will drop bombs on the last real commie bastion, before those nukes which scare them so, are spread. Or that will be their excuse. Having this ongoing conflict has provided a buffer to China. In Korea, they dont need to invade, depose and secure resources, just obliterate bomb making and other military targets, structures, etc with heavy use of navy and airforce, minimal military on the ground. A conflict in the Koreas would also dent the Asian economies also reducing their energy demands.

Notice, they are busy destroying Iraqi cultural and economic life, with the continuing deplorable situation in Iraq. A thriving Iraq would of course require its own energy supply, something they don't want. Look for a crisis in Saudi Arabia too. - ABliss

I think it's important to point at Bush on this one. He is very conservative and very imperialistic/war-like. The pendulum will inevitably swing back the other way with a more liberal or centralist President and a more xenophobic public, unwilling to get involved in foreign affairs. Webfork
If you recall Bush was elected on a non-nation building platform. The problem is that americans are dependent on foreign affairs, particularly for energy resources. The problem is that the CIA cannot infiltrate into all governments and jurisdictions. One region in particular cannot be bought, but the economy demands the supply. Sending in the military proves the US is strong, while it also helps the recession not look like a recession, because of defense spending.
I noticed the US Energy Secretary said there was an energy problem. This is extremely unusual. Politicians rarely admit to a problem. Spencer sure looks like his has packed on the pounds. Maybe he turns to food to help his stress. Notice that oil prices have not decreased. Natural gas prices are about $5 per unit. There are petrol shortages in some cities and electricity supply is up to shit. - ABliss