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to do

  • search: all countries should have a central repository of published information, and problably also copywritten works, inventions, etc etc etc.
search keyphrases:
  • internet encyclopedia of philosophy
to look into:
  • online translators
  • archive searchers - some are found in Archives, and possibly scattered in Linux or BSD or even Unix. These should all be unified.
Speak on searching for archives:
  1. If you desire a particular piece of software. Either identfy the software package's name and search for that, or identify who made the software, go to them and search from there.
  2. If you are looking for a particular theme of software.. that is, an item which is meant to accomplish a certain task. Perhaps you wish to research alternatives to a piece of software you are currently using. Keep that theme in mind and visit a large archive or list which has categories. Find one which has descriptions or even reviews of the software in each category.. this will drastically reduce the amount of test-time you would be forced to spend before getting your hands on something you'd find useful. Identify you're system and match the program requirements with what you can do or want to do.
  3. etc. Visit Archives for a list of recommended resources.

I see this page as a huge overview of searching the Internet (and possibly searching for information in meatspace, too: library research, journals, etc.). Each topic can be introduced, and then a link would lead to a page with more detailed information and resources. I'll probably spend most of my iA time working here. -- Stephen Gilbert


Link in Search Engine as well as Search Engines and Meta Search Engines

Crap from Searching, which shouldn't go there:

Searching Online

Not everyone seems to be capable to extract useful information out of Search Engines. Well please keep in mind that search engines will only provide you with a prefiltered subset of all information that may be available to you. Therefore for websearches use different search engines.

Also try to break down your search string into several tokens. Try to variate the tokens to get better results. Also use the exclude feature many search engines offer to cut down the search results to a number you can handle conveniently.

FTP searching needs to be covered. There are (or were) some really great search engines just for ftp. -- Sy was the OG FTP search service. It was great, but then Lycos bought it, and now it's on AllTheWeb. Direct link here: -- Amw

Great topic. I can't count the number of times i've heard people say they already checked the web and couldn't find something, then i sit down and a few seconds later it's sitting there. You need to know HOW to search, to try and think like a search-engine, not a person. -- Amw

I couldn't agree more - FTP searching has come in handy at least once a month. -- Webfork