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Does anyone know a good python client? Seems that the ones recommended on infoanarchy are all on hold or canceled. -- anonymous

Some possible linkage:

  1. gnutella community
  2. Infolio Gnutella Development Directory

I personally don't use Gnutella because I've experienced horriffic system lag. On top of that, most of the "decent" clients are Java-based, making them, imo, garbage. I'm still waiting for a mature client, then I'll jump on it. Perhaps something along the lines of freenet is the way to go? -- rack

Followup: Gnutella lacks critical functionality when compared to, say, opennap. Downloads fail and get forgotten instead of re-searched, cannot block the ridiculous amount of bogus files, cannot rate servers.. cannot do direct browsing. Basic features found on OpenNap are not found here. Perhaps these are just client oversights.. -- rack

How about mentioning the developments in the protocol. Original gnutella used the connect string Gnutell/0.4 It used broadcast search which is very inefficient. Original gnutella clients usually generated more traffic doing searchs than transfering files.

Gnutella/0.4 used an http compatible method of requesting files, though not usually on port 80. A gnutella search engine used to exist which allowed people to download from gnutella peers with a web browser without contributing anything to the network. Subsequently released clients blocked downloading with web browsers using the user-agent string. Gnutella still has no leech protection which is a major deficiency.

Developers of some clients such as limewire and bearshare began adding propetary extensions. When their client met another peer running the same software it negotiated the use of extra features. Developers also made their clients prefer to talk to peer's that are also running their software and give upload priority to their clients.

The developers of various clients got togther in the gnutella developers forum. Yahoo groups are horrible to read due to slow loading and intersitial adverts so I didn't bother and lost track. The developer of shareaza annoyed a lot of people by making a protocol on his own and calling it gnutella2, others refered to it as mike's protocol. Gnutella is very poor compared to other networks so I can't be bothered to research which clients are compatable and what is happening with the protocol.

Please feel free to add a section to the Gnutella page on this topic. You appear to have a much more in depth knowledge than we do on this topic. Webfork