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Note that a "free download" does not mean "free use". Someone needs to do some work on the "free as in speech" issue as applied to software. That's a big topic. -- rack

(pushed from Free As In Beer, as the topic is covered here:

Free as in beer refers to the overuse of "free" in our everyday world and the various meanings it has taken on. Free as in beer is a way to simplify this, as "free beer" is blessedly NOT complex. However, a free lunch, a free car, free love, and a free society are all stunningly complex. I wasn't sure if I ought to cut-and-paste this into the topic, so I just put it here so it can be integrated more carefully. -- rack

If someone makes a joke or parody with the "Information wants to be free" meme, then just say "Yes, free as in I am not paying for it, and free as in free speech is a free gift. I'll get it from someone giving it away." - ABliss

Would it be more appropriate for the information in the section on Free software to be put in the Free Software page? - ABliss

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