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Unsure what to do with this page to clean it up. We've got an Audio Formats page. Maybe each list on this page needs it's own topic? -- rack

Could do, or else find out which formats are the most popular on a number of networks. Unless somebody has done this already and shared the results online, working this out would be difficult. There could be a number of different file formats lists on their own page but it would require a big effort.

Duplication on wikis is a minor problem. With this wiki and the number of visitors, editors, etc, I think "Whatever you feel is worth it" is nearly always the right way. Linking to the lists of file formats and descriptions is handy, they are fairly comprehensive.

Talking about cleaning up - what about the index and all the content that is not linked from there, is anyone else concerned about this? - ABliss

I might get around to cutting apart this topic and reorganizing things at a later time, I'll leave it alone for now though. As for the index itself.. I had left that alone when Erik said he had planned a rewrite. I think that since he hasn't done more than a quick one-over, I'll get back to cleaning it up properly. If you're also talking about unlinked pages in general, I try to maintain a list myself in Rack/Todo.. those items need to go over and properly be integrated into the wiki somewhere. I think I might put that list in the Link Dump for others to check into it. -- rack