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I never found these people at Suprnova particulary bright or insightful, especially not on technical grounds. I guess they're gonna use their popularity to run a closed source, decentralised 'BitTorrent' tracker version with ads like this entry proposes. They probably want their program to remain unique so they won't release the source. They probably want money for server costs and/or a living, so they'll use ads, using their popularity for earning money due to piracy. I wouldn't be surprised if it would went that way. They could just as well (heavily) recommend people to run their own tracker instead of this path. Anyway, is far more interesting than this, why wouldn't they cooperate with them? It has a similar aim. Merely one of the many speculations though... -- dpi

I'v just tried clean exeem 0.21 and exeem lite 0.21a from They find search results but fail to download with error messages in the log saying no such host name. Il try a different computer later. This appears to be just another p2p filesharing network. I see nothing revolutionary here. The main advantage of suprnova was that there was that the site operators could remove fake or broken files. Exeem does not have any method of marking a file as bad to warn other users.Ziv