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Lol, that leecher safeguard sounds pretty useless. I remember, back in the BBS days, people were adding crap into zipfiles and re-uploading them to fix their ratio. -- rack

Heh, yeah, some people try to pull that, but thanks to hash-links it's fairly easy to verify if a file is real before downloading it. And all the donkey clients force sharing of files that are being downloaded as well, making the network a hell of a lot more efficient. -- LukeyBoy

Currently looking at the edonkey network.. I had looked into it some time ago and was unimpressed. My more recent look had shown me some use out of mldonkey but I still think there's a long way to go. It's definitely something to watch. -- rack
Clients on this page need to be pushed somewhere useful. They may still be (inappropriately?) lingering on the Decentralized Clients page.. -- rack
I second my motion. I'll add this to my to do list and explore edonkey2000 and it's various clients reasonably hardcore-ily <code> ;) </code> once my new net connection is up and stable. -- rack

I'm currently using xMule and i like the interface. However, i only get a download speed of 0.4 kB/sec most of the time while i upload at the full speed i specified. I have 15 downloads in my queue with only 1 working, a U/D ratio of 1.60:1, and my ISP provides me a FUP. What's up? Why is the speed so low? -- dpi you are firewalled! Use edonkey its much better

I'm sure i'm allowing and forwarding one port for xMule. Namely, 4662/TCP. Is that not enough? My ratio is currently worse (or better? ie. still high. Something like 1:10 or so) but the speeds are still low. I never get my max. E.g. 16 kB/sec download while i have 4 kB/sec upload is rare. -- dpi