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This was grabbed from the Wikipedia to fill out the start of this document. -- LukeyBoy

Yanked my previous work to Wikify iA's resources page and created a Distributed Computing Projects page.. It's messy but it's got much more linkage now. I've got some leftover "distributed brainpower" stuff sitting in my Rack/Scratchpad which I don't know where to put. Oh, this topic needs to be linked to from somewhere else in this wikispace.. maybe from "distributed" or some such thing? This is sortof related to topics like Collaboration. -- rack

pushed from "Distributed"

see also: Peer-to-peer | WAN | Internet

is a model that refers to a set of scattered computer devices that are geographically spread, and/or not found in a homogenous environment but still completing information processing locally while connected via a network. A distributed computing project often involves mutiple computers solving one problem, eg Seti. A successful distributed application needs to scale adequately, be robust and also cater for the transient nature of connected devices.

A distributed system may form across varied sources such as corporate networks, wireless laptops, mobile handhelds, or may not even be a computer, for example webcamera, heat-sensors, telescope, etc

A good distributed system is like a Slime mould. You can chop random bits of it off without losing types of functionality.

From the main page:

Having a processor constantly active prevents operating systems' idlers from putting the processor into a low-power mode. While this can take up more electricity, it still uses far less than a television or microwave

How much energy does a TV use!? Computers these days draw 300W+, which is more than three very bright light bulbs, or two big stereos. I think anyone leaving their home computer on 24/7 without power saving is being pretty irresponsible. I guess i'm not really convinced of the benefit of distributed computing... Is it worth the price? -- Amw

Here's some raw info. Of course wattage and volage are interdependant but we'll just deal with wattage here for simplicity.

I frankly have no idea how much power a bigger screen TV uses. I assume it scales, however, at which point a 26 inch TV is still only 100, possibly 120 watts. So I think you're right.


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