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Note: some material follows, probably some sections are most relevant to other sections of this wiki, but anyway I think it is a great starting point!

Original text can found at, please someone to copy the html version.

(may be we should provide a link to astalavista instead of copying the material here: it would be more updated and we will avoid any copyright problems.] What are your opinnions?

- I've contacted the original authors on the issue of permission, getting the home-site etc etc. Let's see what they think. -- Sy

first attempt bounced, emailing the rest en masse. -- Sy
I was unable to contact the authors. =/ -- Sy

Related resources exist in Anonymity and should be reasonably easy to separate and merge into this topic. -- Sy

- what about JAP?

Sure.. that's one example.. it's in anonymity already. I think the topic title "Anonymous Web Surfing" is a bit too surfing-centric, seeing as it discusses some non-surfing stuff.. maybe it needs to be chopped up into some other topics too.. hrm.. not sure how to describe it. -- Sy
consider reading this article about JAP: Net anonymity service back-doored -- dpi

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