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2006 added by soviet SHAREREACTOR IS BACK !

Formerly a website that provides hash-links to files on the eDonkey2000 and Overnet network. Since the links do not point to a specific location (user in the network) but merely associate a certain file with its hash, this is interesting from a legal standpoint. The linked files were saved with the text "ShareReactor" in their name, which has proved to be a very smart advertising strategy.

ShareReactor went down as of March due to Swiss authorities and/or a pending lawsuit. It is believed by many (see discussion page) to all be a big conspiracy to bilk file sharers out of their money given in good faith. Slashdot and many other sources have weighed in on this issue.

This brings up some interesting questions in filesharing:

  1. Who are our advocates in the battle against the outmoded fu**ing RIAA and fu**ing MPAA?
  2. Are Digital Signatures of illegal files illegal?
  3. What about those that allow connections to illegal files? ShareReactor, of course, was not the only place that did this.

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