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A commercial Linux distribution and the most popular in the world for many years, both commercial and non-commercial . Established in 1994, it is not known how many Red Hat computers exist as there is no per-seat license on basic Red Hat software. Instructions are below on how to download it for free.

This software is available for free because the economy and industry is increasingly services-based rather than product-based. Red Hat makes money by supporting Linux, not selling it, and they are not alone in this strategy. Even the anti-GPL Microsoft is leaning towards more subscription-based software and services.

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Download RedHat 9 for free from or via BitTorrent in ISO format.

Fedora Core

Fedora is a set of projects, sponsored by Red Hat and guided by the Fedora Project Board. These projects are developed by a large community of people who strive to provide and maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards.

Fedora Core is built to provide choice. It includes the latest versions of many software packages, including both GNOME and KDE desktop environments. Fedora Extras, a repository built entirely by volunteers, provides thousands more packages, and is enabled for use by default.

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