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Shamelessly ripped from the homepage, and wikified:

Netsukuku is a mesh network or a p2p net system that generates and sustains itself autonomously. It is designed to handle an unlimited number of nodes with minimal CPU and memory resources. Thanks to this feature it can be easily used to build a global distributed, anonymous, and uncontrolled network separate from the Internet without the support of any servers, Internet Service Providers, or authority controls.

This network is composed by computers linked physically each other therefore it isn't build upon any existing network.

Netsukuku builds only the routes which connects all the computers of the net. In other words, Netsukuku replaces the level 3 of the model ISO/OSI with another routing protocol. The Domain Name System is also replaced by a decentralized and distributed system called ANDNA, the Abnormal Netsukuku Domain Name Anarchy.

The complete features list of Netsukuku is here:

In order to join to Netsukuku you have to use NetsukukuD, which is the daemon implementing the Npv7 protocol.

Netsukuku is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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