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Hi, I'm mike.

If you have something to say, put it here. I don't have or want a /Talk page.

Hi Mike... thanks for your site, btw. Found some good cartoons by following links, then lost they're found again! How's anonymizer these days? --TheDarkShirt

(laughs) Haven't heard from Anonymizer, Inc. since their silly e-mail about a paper I wrote. The claim was that "Anonymizer" is a trademark, and I shouldn't say that word in public without their permission. Needless to say, I ignored them. --mlc

You're Mike... ah..! Cool! The Net is a small place, sometimes... Ego? Nah... at the last 2600 meet I was showing off my article to everyone who'd listen...though I stopped short of the Troc. security... --TheDarkShirt

Well, it says that I'm mike right up there. Just because millions of other people have my first name doesn't mean I'm hiding anything... What's a Troc.? —mlc
I meant 'Mike' as in 'Off The Hook-Mike'...the ego ref was to the Off The Hook 'ego' edit of yerrs.. :) And sorry, the Troc. is the Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus, London, which is where the London 2600s meet. It used to be home to SEGAworld™, but I guess it wasn't making enough ���s so parts have closed. The most interesting part of the building is just past the 'Staff Only' doors, where you can get into the core of the building (no CCTV) and sit by a window and watch people being busy. There's not many places you can do that without being asked to move on/getting arrested :) TheDarkShirt
Oh, I got what you meant. I'm just startled that you know more than one person whose first name is Mike. That's all. —mlc