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Creative or creativity is the art and skills of creating or developing something. One could be using a computer, using a programming language, to create a program, which creates a sound or a graphic. One could use a pencil to write a document. Science is a form of creativity. Hacking or cracking can be creative, or need a creative mind.

Wether something is creative or not is not always easy definable. Neither is 'how much' it is creative. Something which is creative is not by definition a good thing.

One could mix the sound of boiling water, together with the sound of a speech by Martin Luther King, together with the sound of foot steps, creating a combination of sounds. This is the music genre 'noise' which is generally seen as highly creative.

Creative is also a company who are according to them 'Worldwide Leader in Digital Entertainment'. Creativity was invented before this company though, by the people who caught the first mammoth.

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