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By using the executeable you can do this (it's designed for having a directory "torrent/active" in the current users home directory.


  1. !/bin/bash

cd ~/ rm torrent.log echo "" > torrent.log torrent/active/ > torrent.log & tail -f torrent.log </pre>

It will start the BitTorrent and scans the active directory for all *.torrent references and will then download the files in the same directory. Fortunately the is scanning the active directory frequently, so by simply moving a *.torrent file into that directory it will be recognized and a new download thread will be created.

Debian comes with 'btlaunchmany' (without .py), so you need to edit this script accordingly.

<b>UPDATE</b> By using the BT Experimental Client you will get a more informative log-file